Hedi Slimane moving on

After nearly a year of rumors, LVMH announced that Hedi Slimane is leaving Dior and his old apprentice and assistant, Kris Van Assche will take over the role as creative director. Negotiations of Slimane’s contract over money and creative control came to an impasse. This is too bad - I was loving the stuff he did at Dior Homme. As the New Yorker article said: “Men’s fashion in Paris was moribund, but then Hedi Slimane came along“. Slick and skinny would be the best short description of his style and even if frankly, just come to be able to look at - and afford - those clothes recently, the style is truly great: something that make you feel at the same time elegant, stylish and quite rebellious/different. The essence of luxury?

Knowledge and productivity

Meadas is mentioning on his blog a Hamming’s lecture, where he quotes another famous technologist, Hendrik Bode: “Knowledge and productivity are like compound interest. The more you know, the more you learn; the more you learn, the more you can do; the more you can do, the more the opportunity - it is very much like compound interest. I don’t want to give you a rate, but it is a very high rate. Given two people with exactly the same ability, the one person who manages day in and day out to get in one more hour of thinking will be tremendously more productive over a lifetime.”

Scratch Massive

Like that one very much. I discovered that track on the parisparis site - it is the featured music last November - you can listening on the parisparis site with some funny pictures or get it from Scratch Massive blog. Just catched it as I was trying to see if G and me were featured on the Kitsune party photo shots. But we werent, which is a rather good news.


Rendez-vous magazine has an interview from Joakim from Tigersushi - l’electro classe. Worth a quick read. The picture above has been taken from it. With Drumtrax playing in the background of course (from fluokids).


it is that time of the year again - 3GSM in great Barcelona. A busy working week in perspective.

Deleting a short-cut in Vista…

seems to be a bit complicated

Another nice video from MSTRKRFT

Eric Prydz Vs Floyd - Proper Education

And the mp3 can be found here: Eric Prydz vs. Pink Floyd - Proper Education (Daft Mix) (Courtesy of Mary Ann)

Mylo live

We started with M1nt, which is a original club / concept bar - the 250 first members are also shareholder and own the place. There was a asmallworld party, and P got us on the list. We then went to see a part of Mylo set at Fabric - it was good to see the man playing live.


Visited the torre Picaso, which is the tallest building in Madrid and from the same architect as the defunct NYC World Trade center towers. And as usual when I visit Spain, got stuck in massive problem on the way back and arrived with 3+ hours delay…

The Apple iphone is out…

… and I want one !

All the pictures are on engadget.

Few years back

France Gall - Der Computer Nummer 3

That the way to cut a rug !

via schlocker

The Departed

We went yesterday to see yesterday night The Departed, Martin Scorsese last movie. The story is set in boston and is about a crime boss, who has a rat in the police department while a police enformant infiltrates his gang. The word on the street seems to be that this is one of his best, and even if I have to admit I have not seen a lot of them, I found it an excellent film with everything you would expect for - great scenario, outstanding actors - all of them, Jack Nicholson of course, but Leonardo Dicaprio surprised me -, good dialogs, etc. The kind of film you would want to watch again and go the theatre more often (I have not been for 2 years or so).

Read the reviews.

Dix-huit fantômes by SA Steeman

I liked that one. Not an intellectual book, but a good detective novel.

Happy New Year !

Digitalism - Zdarlight