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New Look of MSN Search

Gary Price give us a sneak preview on MSN search front end, and some of the new features. Otherwise, their new search engine can be tested at, but I have not been impressed.

New iPod Photo

Here we go: colour screen, sync. picture library, album art, TV cable for viewing, 40/60Gb …  Apple.

Let’s have the UN monitor the US election !

I have just read the post of Pierre Omidyar on his concerns about the fairness of the Ohio Republicans’ initiative to challenge the qualifications of voters at the polls on Election Day. It seems amazing that such things is legal in the US. Add this to the issues of 2000 elections in Florida, and having […]

Search business…

Very good post from Tom Foremski on Silicon Valley Watcher. Google is not about search, it is about a "efficient advertising delivery network".

wireless is hot !

Wireless is one of the hottest market when it comes to technology mergers and acquisitions, according to Rutberg & Co. And it is likely to remain that way for sometime, they predict.
"During the one month period from September 1 through September 30, there were also 37 M&A transactions announced during the period, including Alcatel’s $250 […]

Top-Earning Fictional Characters

On Forbes: "According to our calculations, the top-ten fictional characters grossed more than $25 billion in 2003." Mickey, Winnie, Nemo and the like are big money.

iPod Advertises on 3G Mobile Video Service

Via Moconews. In UK, 3G mobile operator 3 is running its first ever mobile video ad campaign, for the Apple iPod…The 14-second iPod ad, featuring the silhouetted dancers from the brand’s central campaign, appears before and after the Pete Tong show on the 3 music channel. The future of 3G advertising will enable consumers both […]

430,000 people in the World live on their Ebay revenues

Article on Neteconomie (in French), based on an interview with Bill Cobb, SVP at eBay.
via Loic le Meur

Going to free online WSJ ?

"The Wall Street Journal Online, a bastion of subscription-only news on the Web, has begun giving away some content. In recent months, the business news outfit has been sending nightly e-mail to bloggers, or online diarists, to offer up several daily stories free so that they can point to or link to them from their […]

Robbie on MMC

EMI Music UK has agreed a deal with The Carphone Warehouse which will make Robbie Williams the first artist ever to release an entire album plus video content on a Multimedia Memory Card (MMC) - a tiny stamp size gizmo that slots straight into a mobile phone to deliver music on the move. Some details […]

Gates: Broadcast TV Model Faces Irrelevancy

"The ideal for many content people would be that they just put their content on the Internet and then they have a direct relationship with the viewer," Gates said. "That model for low-volume content is the future." On Reuter.

Microsoft fixes date for desktop search tool

John Connors, Microsoft’s chief financial officer, said in the conference call. “We’re going to have a heck of a great race in search between Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. It’s going to be really fun to follow.”
On cnet.

Screen capture

I was looking for a software to do screen capture - or just from a selectable zone -, which would for XP, free, with a good interface. Found it. HandySnap and recommending it.

The Internet And the Death Of 80/20

Must read post on how the internet has killed the 80/20 rule of thumb. “Scarcity of attention and space were the cause of the 80/20 rule; the Internet is changing that” Apparently there’s at least as much money in unpopular, non-bestselling works then there is in blockbusters, and that’s in addressing the tail of the […]

500 US fatest growing private businesses

Interesting to read the Top 25 profiles on Inc. / Yahoo.