Robbie on MMC

EMI Music UK has agreed a deal with The Carphone Warehouse which will make Robbie Williams the first artist ever to release an entire album plus video content on a Multimedia Memory Card (MMC) - a tiny stamp size gizmo that slots straight into a mobile phone to deliver music on the move. Some details on BBC.

I did work on the same idea earlier this year, and came to the conclusion it wouldn’t fly. The MMC is on sale for £30, when the CD is at £9 on Amazon. MMC is a nice media, but at present cost it is not in a position to compete against CD (which cost less than $1 piece).

Better for customers to buy the songs on iTunes or simply the CD, rip it and copy it on their MMC. Most home PC have MMC readers (as the format is used for digital cameras), and the latest phones can read mp3.

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