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$805.9m per quarter

This is the quarterly revenue of both eBay and Google (that’s right the same number for both). Net income: $182.3m for eBay vs $52.0m for Google though.
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WiFi Blackberry announced

RIM has announced it Monday: Wi-Fi Blackberry, which support VOIP through SIP. This is going to be an interesting device. Not sure how mobile operators are going to be convinced they should distribute it, when this is going to hurt their voice revenue.

SIM Cards with memory, brilliant!

SIM cards have been shipping with miniscule amount of memory, enough to hold a few hundred contacts, calendar and couple of games. Israel-based M-Systems wants to change all that and is introducing something called, the M-Systems MegaSIM. The new card, a first for the cellular industry will combine high capacity flash-based storage, with densities reaching […]

Going after Microsoft

Blake Ross is lounging at his parents’ Florida Keys condo, thinking ahead to his first day back at Stanford. His goal for his sophomore year: nothing less than to “take back the Web” from Microsoft (MSFT). You might think the shy 19-year-old is outmatched. Think again. Ross, a software prodigy who interned at Netscape at […]


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Nice kids !

"Made in the USA by American Apparel, these tees are carefully tailored in a lightweight knit to fit any politically or otherwise active youth." Link to their website

Cool new U2 ads for iPod

… featuring new U2 single "vertigo". To watch on Apple site.

Kramnik retains world title

This is quite an interesting game. Kramnik was under huge pressure asplaying with white the last game, he had to win to draw the series and retain the title. Leko is famous for being a great defender, but Kramnik cracked his defence with a pawn sacrifice in the endgame. More details on Chessbase.

One email and you’re gone…

Lawrence Solum has posted a link to another study showing how ISPs can remove legal Internet content simply based on a false claim in an email that it infringes copyright.

The Bits of Freedom group, a non-profit Dutch digital rights advocacy organization, recently completed a study
to show how easy it is to compel ISPs to […]

Enjoyed reading this…

Good story (even if a bit long): Confessions of a Car Salesman
"I took Ron to the lowest level sedan on the lot and he examined the sticker price. We had been told in the seminar that it was "easier to sell up, than down" — you started at the least expensive model and let them […]

Web site of the day: the Humility Machine

Have a look at this. Very funny. Especially the external links on the history page.

Debt in America … redux

Sad New York Times article as a follow-up of my last week post on america’s debt.

Let’s be bearish…

Here’s an interesting factoid: a rise of over 55% in the Goldman Sachs Commodity Index has never failed to produce a recession. The index has now risen by over 100% in the past 33 months. Here are the historical occurrences where the index has gained at least 55% over a 30 month period: May 1973, […]

bush flip-flops on bin laden

short Video: bush flip-flops on bin laden: wow, politicians that lie?!
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Big Media vs. Blogs

Impressive set of data on blog status from Technorati CEO.