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Mobile jammers gain popularity

The jarring polychromatic din of ringing cell phones is increasingly being thwarted from religious sanctuaries to India’s parliament to Tokyo theaters and commuter trains by devices originally developed to help security forces avert eavesdropping and thwart phone-triggered bombings, reports the Associated Press.
— In four Monterrey churches, Israeli-made cell phone jammers the […]

Froogle Britania…

Froogle is live in the UK.

Desktop search

Last Thursday Google launched Google Desktop Search.
This was a very good news: I was desperate for such a tool, as the number of files and folders on my PC become unmanageable, and as Windows integrated search is sub-standard (to say the least).
Interestingly enough I had by then installed and tested blinkx and Copernic search, and […]

US funds for Iraq: they lost track of $5bn…

About half of the roughly $5 billion in Iraq reconstruction funds disbursed by the US government in the first half of this year cannot be accounted for, according to an audit commissioned by the United Nations, which could not find records for numerous rebuilding projects and other payments. Read about it on the Boston Globe.
via […]

It is not the illegal copy (well at least not only) …

Very interesting post from Edward on the Freedom to Tinker blog about media usage - leveraging stats from US Census Bureau. "Average number of hours spent listening to music by US residents age 12
and older has declined steadily since 1998 […]. Meanwhile, home video, video games, and
consumer Internet have seen dramatic gains." Since ‘98, there […]

Internet browsers…

While Firefox is pushing on the PC side (4.3mn downloads so far), Opera claims it’s leading on the mobile platforms ( "We’re beating Microsoft by a 10 to 1 margin in [cell] phones", says Jon von Tetzchner, CEO of the Norwegian browser maker in BusinessWeek). Add to this the rumours of Google’s own browser… : […]

Funny location based application

“With inspiration and data from Mike Frumin and, red|blue transposes the experience of looking up individual campaign contributions onto a Java-enabled phone. With a GPS-enabled phone, the application will take your current location and figure out if you’re in a Democratic area or Republican area. The app will also take this information and plot […]

The French press is dying !

rMen has an interesting post (and links) on the French press crisis.

The economics of coffee

Rodrigo has an interesting post on the Nespresso’s concept. Interesting to see how a commodity like coffee got transformed into an everyday luxury item with Starbucks first and now with Nespresso. There is apparently no limit how much we are ready to pay for a superior experience and branding.

Currently listening to … The Stills

I am currently listening to The stills … Logic Will Break Your Heart. I know, I am (very) late as the album is out since the end of last year. Have a go and listen to it on their site.
Preferred track: Still in love song.

America’s debt …

Everyone - even on this side of the Atlantic - have their eyes on the US election. In the background though the economic picture is not pretty and none of the candidates appear to be speaking about the debt problems the USA are into. Picture below from USA Today (article can be found here) summarizes […]


At last, I am online.
Quick technical note: after browsing through the different options, I have decided to use Wordpress for my blog. Installation is very easy, and so far, so good. Have to go through the mass of available plugins to understand what I need, but that will be for another day…