US elections - this is it…


From Reuters: "Democratic Sen. John Kerry conceded the White House race to President Bush in a phone call on Wednesday, ending the drama of ballot counting in Ohio and cementing Bush’s re-election to a second four-year term."

Despite all the rage on the streets and on the internet, W got it for the next 4 years. And with a good margin as the Post reports. The article lists as well the reason for that victory as follow:

- The Bush campaign super-charged the "moral minority." Exit polls showed 21 percent of voters said moral values were the most important issue — and 78 percent of them voted for Bush. That’s about 18 million Bush votes right there.

- Bush profited hugely from the dramatic social, cultural and geographic divides that we first saw so clearly in 2000, that were if anything deeper this time around, and that assured him of enormous swaths of rock-solid support.

- He was successful at stoking voters’ fears about terror, vesting himself with the cloak of a commander in chief at war and defining his opponent as a weak and vacillating leader.

- He kept to his plan and kept his message simple.

- He didn’t get bogged down in details and didn’t admit mistakes.

- He divided — and conquered.

And there will be no surprise as the Economist mentions on their web site: "After a bitterly fought election, Democrats and liberals will hope that Mr Bush now governs from the centre. But they have hoped that before, and were disappointed. With a more decisive victory under his belt, expect him to try to consolidate and expand the gains of his victorious conservative movement."

But anyway, there is 218m adults that could vote in the US, half of them bothered to register, and Bush collected 58.6m votes. That’s around 27% of the population only. So this should contribute as Joi Ito mentions on his web site for a rise in counter-culture for the next four years.

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