VoIP - BT intends to go ahead with mobile solution

While most of the active players follow the VoIP from home/work trend, BT is indending to launch a mobile service.

"By the end of next year [BT group] hopes to offer a mobile phone incorporating
wi-fi, which will enable customers to make voice calls over the
internet via one of 17,000 of the telecommunications operator’s global
hotspots at locations such as airports and hotels. […]
BT’s aim is to recoup some of the lost voice minutes that have migrated
from the fixed-line carriers to the wireless operators."

"The threat to operators is that people buy [wi-fi phones] for voice
and not for data," says Charles Dunstone, chief executive of Carphone
Warehouse, Europe’s largest mobile phone retailer. "And once you start
the momentum, it will be hard to stop. Then the genie will be out of
the bottle."

This is going to be an interesting product, but I would welcome one that does not use BT network while I am at home. Should be skype like on mobile and at home. There is going apparently to be plenty of wi-fi mobile phones being delivered by "tier 1" vendors towards the end of next year, so we are likely going to have plenty of skype like clients providing the same a joint mobile / fixed experience and account.

Between this and standard MVNO, there is going to be an exciting future for encumbants mobile operators…

From the FT.com

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