Why Microsoft is in trouble

Interesting post on baus.net on why Microsoft is having trouble.

Among all the reasons mentioned by the author, the key one for me is "Not embracing network centric computing". True enough, Microsoft has often refered their product as services, and I am sure they intend to have their suite of product available as online services at some stage, but they are not very fast in going in that direction.

Extract: " The desktop is already becoming marginalized in the overall computing picture. Users are moving to web based email, web based calendars, network connected cell phones, and photo iPods. Consumers want their data to be securely managed, and they want it everywhere, all the time. They don’t want it locked up on their PCs. […] By putting personal data on the desktop, Microsoft wants everybody to be their own sys admin. No matter how you slice it, sys admining is tricky work. Consumers are going to leave it to the experts, and move their data to the network, and google is going to lead the way. […] it’s all about the network"

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  1. 1 David Nov 22nd, 2004 at 11:22 pm

    On this topic also: Microsoft faces a serious challenge again in Business Standard.

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