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Sergey Brin (one of Google’s co-founders) with other people released (last year apparently) a paper that describes research work to match text news articles to TV news reports. The proposed technology would use the closed caption text feeds to run searches, and the research prooved results to be relevant in 9 out of 10 instances.

This is a great concept. Expect Google to implement that quickly. It is about finding and watching video on your PC - competitors like blinkx are already running beta version of broadcast search - but this is also about extending Google ads/search network reach.

InsideGoogle is leveraging this to describe potential Google’s plans to enter the broadcasting arena. "Google is looking to get itself on your TV. HDTV allows for a lot of interaction and connectivity, be it with the internet, your computer, or just data over the airwaves. If Google can take its technology and make it available for free to TV companies, those companies will probably just dump it in. Google will get its logo on TVs, and can leverage its search engine, and thus AdWords, in relation to TV content." John Batelle’s post (TV and Search merge) offers as well a good view on what the future could be, even if a bit too far stretched to be realistic to my taste.

In the same vain, SearchEngine Watch is listing several products that are already around and that allow to search and view television content online.

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  1. 1 janie Nov 16th, 2004 at 2:17 am

    i downloaded blinkx v.2.0 today, and was able to get many tv channels that gave me the information i was looking for…very cool! also, the smart folders are so helpful, this tool is going to be fun to use.

  2. 2 David Nov 16th, 2004 at 4:52 pm

    I must try the new version asap, as everybody raves about it. Microsoft has spoken about the smart folders functionality for some time, but blinkx deserves credit to actually launching it.

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