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I have been using skype for less than one month now, and I have been more than impressed, evne if the quality of the line in a call to mobile/landlines is sometimes not that good.

Some key Skype stats (based on their web site and an Engadget interview with Niklass Zennstrom, founder of Skype VOIP application):

  • The application currently has 2 mln US users and 13 mln users worldwide in more than 200 countries ;
  • 2,5bn minutes served in total ;
  • 80k new users are signing up for Skype daily ;
  • Recently Skype surpassed 1 mln users being online simultaneously ;
  • Average VOIP call lasts about 6 minutes.

In fact the growth rate is fairly high as reports EuroTelcoblog : "Yesterday Skype on-net minutes broke through the 2.5m minute mark. This comes 26 days after the 2bn minute mark was surpassed. The previous 500m minutes added came over a period of 35 days. In other words, during the period 14 September - 19 October, Skype users were generating over 14m minutes per day on average, and during the past 26 days this figure has grown to over 19m, or 35% in less than a month. On an annualized basis this is a growth rate of 493%."

One of the most interesting thing is going to see how people are going to leverage the Skype APIs that have been released earlier this month. Skype is already proving a list of potentials such as PIM, gaming, on demand content, IVR and call center solutions on their site, but I expect there will be even more innovative services. Funnily enough the web site document misses one of the most important benefit of the API which is to enable presence information.

Jyve is the only example so far (at least that I know of). They are a online community where people can discuss common interest (anything from cars to religion) and which is powered by Skype and a platform from Qzoxy software. Of course, they are going a bit further than just that, and launched a Yellow Pages style directory, and they have a service that enable to had Skype presence functionality to any html page. The later enable in fact anyone to call you without having the skype client installed. You can see examples on the web page of the Qzoxy team. (Stuart Henshall @ Unbound spiral has good posts on Qzoxy and the Skype/Jive presence functionalities.)

This looks promising even at this early stage, and Skype CEO has recently announced in a interview that there is more to come: voicemail, videoconferencing and SkypeIn, which will let people place calls from a telephone to Skype software users.

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