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MSN search

MSN is unveiling their new search product today. It’s everywhere: papers, TV, etc.
Nice to see they took the beta launch idea from google and open source projects. I went on to try it out … and the result is that "the site is temporarily unavailable, please check back soon."
Sounds good

The day has come

Mozilla Firefox 1.0 Released. Get it!
Update: "Today marks a major milestone in the history of the Internet. With the release of Firefox 1.0, the Mozilla Organization has incontrovertibly proven that, given enough time, the open-source development model can, and will, build superior software to that of their commercial competitors." ( See also The Guardian […]

Where did all the music go?

So piracy is killing the music majors we are told. Right ? Not so easy reports the economist:
"According to an internal study done by one of the majors, between two-thirds and three-quarters of the drop in sales in America had nothing to do with internet piracy. No-one knows how much weight to assign to […]

iPod / A-Team

Airbag has a good one: "I don’t know about you but I was looking forward to seeing what an Apple designed special U2 iPod would look like. The marriage of these two mega brands and creative power houses should have produced something leaving the masses drooling and wanting. An atomic explosion of design and substance. […]

Girlie men seen On The Streets Of Berlin

Seen on Wooster Collective : A Celebration of Street Art

Google TV …

Sergey Brin (one of Google’s co-founders) with other people released (last year apparently) a paper that describes research work to match text news articles to TV news reports. The proposed technology would use the closed caption text feeds to run searches, and the research prooved results to be relevant in 9 out of 10 instances. […]

VoIP investment picks

Forbes is running an article on some building layer players in the VoIP game, good idea for investment.

Blogging and corporations…

A very good presentation from Jeff Jarvis.
"The barrier to entry to media has been blown away.
Now the people you are trying to reach through media are creating media."
via gapingvoid

Why Microsoft is in trouble

Interesting post on on why Microsoft is having trouble.
Among all the reasons mentioned by the author, the key one for me is "Not embracing network centric computing". True enough, Microsoft has often refered their product as services, and I am sure they intend to have their suite of product available as online services at […]

The Power of Nightmares

I’ve just finished watching the final episode in a three part BBC documentary about modern politics and the use of fear to increase politicians’ power and control over society. It is called The Power of Nightmares and it was much revealing going through the American conservative depiction of the threat initially from the Soviet Union […]

US elections - this is it…

From Reuters: "Democratic Sen. John Kerry conceded the White House race to President Bush in a phone call on Wednesday, ending the drama of ballot counting in Ohio and cementing Bush’s re-election to a second four-year term."
Despite all the rage on the streets and on the internet, W got it for the next […]

Firefox has 3% of the browser market share

Following my October’s post, here are the latest stats from the browser market.
Microsoft Internet Explorer lost 3% since its decline first began in early June, WebSideStory reported. Internet Explorer dropped to 92.9 percent of the browser market as of end-October 2004,which is a 2.6% drop overall. Firefox, the Mozilla Foundation’s standalone browser, was the biggest […]

VoIP - BT intends to go ahead with mobile solution

While most of the active players follow the VoIP from home/work trend, BT is indending to launch a mobile service.
"By the end of next year [BT group] hopes to offer a mobile phone incorporating
wi-fi, which will enable customers to make voice calls over the
internet via one of 17,000 of the telecommunications operator’s global
hotspots at […]

Keeping track of notes …

I have been playing for few days with Webnote, a fantastic web-based note tool, and already loves it. Like post-its really, but server based and with the option of sharing them with others and to subscribe to changes (via RSS). Wonderful and very clever. Another step in the direction of the browser based online desktop… […]

What next on Search

Interesting post from Jerry Yang (Jerry’s Take On What’s Next in Search) on what’s new in search and where the industry is heading. Interesting to see that Yahoo has realised that high quality, localised information is still hard to get on the mobile and developped Yahoo! mobile around that proposition. Good read on the same […]