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Wolfenstein !

Gauthier is still home and after playing Doom few times, we got bored and moved on to Wolfenstein.
The 1992 version (Wolfenstein 3D) was the pioneer of the first-person shooter genre, and recognized by the Computer Gaming World Hall of Fame as helping to shape the overall direction of the computer gaming industry. It is […]


Went to see the Raphael: From Urbino to Rome exhibition at the National Gallery.
This was great. The exhibit stresses the artist’s formative years and ends with his grave, fully matured portrait of Pope Julius II (1511) and his "Veiled Lady" (1512-13). The show is especially intelligently arranged and features a lot of Raphael’s unknown […]

Trying to play with Linux

Rodrigo has a good post on live Linux CD concept.
One of the application is gaming. Imagine: put the CD into the computer, reboot it, and you’re logged into an environment that’s got all sorts of games pre-installed and instantly ready to play? Sounds like a very good idea and a great way to have a […]

Acrobat Reader 7

One of the most annoying thing with Adobe Acrobat Reader is the time the software took to start up. They have finally fixed it with the version 7 which is just out. Impressive.

The decline of fashion photography

An argument in pictures. Excellent. Link.

Who is your daddy ?

The Fox’s "Who’s Your Daddy?" show, in which a young woman given up for adoption as a child gets a $100,000 prize for picking out her biological father from a line-up, is the latest in America’s obsession with reality TV programming.
You would think we had reached the bottom some time ago, but no: reality TV […]

One piece of mind, after the other

Read on Doug Manning’s blog.
"Each time we learn something new, a little bridge grows in our brain. It is called a ‘dendrite’ and it connects one brain cell to another. The more you learn, the more dendrites you grow. This goes on throughout life, for all ages. With new education and/or new experiences, your brain […]

Doom !

Gauthier is over for a week and we are spending quite some time playing … Doom, a 1994 game. 10 years thereafter, the game is still great fun, especially playing deathmatchs against eachother. Of course, quality of FPS has improved a lot since then (see far cry or doom3), but some fans have worked on […]

Sri Lanka tsunami

Great BBC coverage of the tsunami crashing into Sri Lanka this morning. The worst earthquake for the last 40 years.
Update: the event is covered as well by wikipedia.

Re iPod

From Cameron O’Reilly
“Okay, so here’s a tip for you iPodders out there - if you find a mysterious iTunes folder on your hdd and it’s got nothing but .tmp files in it, ahem, DON’T DELETE IT.
I keep my music in a special folder on my hard drive, NOT under “My Documents/ My Music” which is […]

Wikis in Forbes Best of the Web

“Think of it as an evolution. In the early days of the Web, there were bulletin boards like Usenet. Then, during the boom, Web sites like Geocities, which gave people the ability to create communities of templated personal Web pages. Post-Internet bubble, Web logs offered “bloggers” more customizable personal Web journals and the ability […]

Norio Matsumoto’s Gallery

Amazing pictures.
via Didier Beck

2005 …

Some articles on 2005 and what to expect.
John Battelle’s look head, which is really worth it.
"5. Google will do something major with Blogger. I really have no idea what, but it’s overdue.7. Yahoo and Google will both test systems that combine local merchant inventory information with search, so that merchants can use search as a […]

The Great Indecency Hoax

Excellent read from the NYT on US puritanism and focus on "moral values": The Great Indecency Hoax.

Outcome of Firefox Ad

UsageWatch is monitoring the Firefox download count, hoping to see the impact of the NYT ad. Sadly, after 5 days, he notes that "The NYT ad, and the media coverage that it has elicited, don’t seem to have had any immediate, significant effect on Firefox adoption."
I am not surprised and not sure it was […]