4×4 Health Warning

The New Economic Foundation is calling for tobacco-style labelling on all new SUVs and their advertising. The proposal aims to change personal behaviour and help combat the
health and environmental impacts of SUVs. It is being launched in a
cover article for this week’s New Statesman magazine, published on Friday, 26th November.

"SUVs are dangerous, fabulously polluting and part of a wider
transport problem that is, according to the World Health Organisation,
set to be the world’s third most common cause of death and disability
by 2020, ahead of TB, HIV and war
,” says Policy Director of nef, Andrew Simms, “We
need labelling to encourage people not to drive these four-wheel
behemoths in the same way we encourage people not to smoke. If we
can’t, we may need to find a very large ashtray for our planet’s future

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