Another Google move

A new patent filed by Google offers a tantalizing glimpse of one way the company could find to finally make money off frozen-in-beta Google News and the new Google Print: "U.S. Patent Application No. 20040122811, filed by Google co-founder Larry Page, has a deceptively simple name: ‘Method for searching media.’ But the application illuminates possible plans by the Mountain View, Calif.-based search leader to enable search of printed material, offer pay-per-view documents, scanned documents with clickable ads and even the ability for print publishers to swap out ads in digital copies of their printed pages. There are two key elements of the patent: a method for executing a permission protocol so that the publisher could authorize Google to display more text from the relevant publication; and storing scanned versions of printed documents along with data sets representing the ads that went with them."
Put into practice, the idea could open up financial vistas for both Google and print publishers who so far have been limited in their abilities to make money off static print publications.


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