2005 …

Some articles on 2005 and what to expect.

look head, which is really worth it.

"5. Google will do something major with Blogger. I really have no idea what, but it’s overdue.
7. Yahoo and Google will both test systems that combine local merchant inventory information with search, so that merchants can use search as a direct sales channel.
15. Mobile will finally be plugged into the web in a way that makes sense for the average user and a major mobile innovation - the kind that makes us all say - Jeez that was obvious - will occur."

Scobleizer’s view, including "7) Three things will join: cell phones. Hard drives. Skype. That
convergence will get everyone to question whether the iPod has a future."

Fast Company has their list of 100 innovations, concepts, people, and trends that will change how we work and live in 2005.

Steve Smith has a good post on the revenue streams of 2005 at econtentmag, where he lists mobile data, streaming video, blogs, digital distribution, vertical search and behavioral targeting as the major trends.

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