Trying to play with Linux

Rodrigo has a good post on live Linux CD concept.

One of the application is gaming. Imagine: put the CD into the computer, reboot it, and you’re logged into an environment that’s got all sorts of games pre-installed and instantly ready to play? Sounds like a very good idea and a great way to have a bunch of games to play without crapping up your hard disk or configuration.

A distribution of Knoppix loaded with games has a bootable CD with 700 MB of open-source games, 3d support for NVIDIA, ATI, and Intel Extreme, gamepad support for XWindows. … And you can download it with BitTorrent.

Too good to be true. Have downloaded the CD during the night, and tried it this morning. Must note that the CD boot without any issue and recognise all my PC devices seamlessly. Disapointed though with the package: 1. Knoppix Xwindows environment is so slow coming from XP that it is a painful experience. I did try Redhat earlier this year, come to the same conclusion and uninstall the whole thing. Knoppix is not better. 2. The games are not that good. A bunch of old games, some funny, some good memory of old times (but not the Linux Doom version), but I did not found something worth the effort.

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