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Google: Fortune’s Cover Story

Gary Price has a summary here. The full text of the article is online but requires a Fortune subscription.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Went to see Eternal Sunshine while in Paris Wednesday afternoon. Good film, and believe me I never thought I will say that for a film featuring Jim Carrey. A romantic comedy with a twist, and without the standard romance cliches. The story is by Charlie Kaufman and has this original and complex setting which reminds […]

Google Suggest

Another beta product from GOOG: Google Suggest.
"This new web search service suggests queries as a user types what he or she is looking for into the search box. By offering more refined searches up front, Google Suggest can make searching more convenient and efficient, because it eliminates the need to type the entire text of […]

Iraq, scary.

1. A total of 338 Iraqis associated with the new governing structures or with the Americans have been assassinated since Oct. 1, according to U.S. military figures. This includes 35 police chiefs, mayors and middle-ranking officials. MSNBC.
2. Falluah as a model city. Boston Globe. "US commanders and Iraqi leaders have declared their intention to make […]

Economist on VoIP

"Who will be the biggest losers? Not the fixed-line telcos, even though their revenues may fall by 25% by 2010 due to VOIP, according to Mr Mewawalla. The mobile operators are likely to be the big losers, with their revenues plunging by 80%. Together, VOIP and wireless broadband could fatally undermine their costly third-generation (3G) […]

Currently listening to … The Killers

Currently enjoying Hot Fuss from The Killers. Some critics says they are in the same vain as The Strokes and Franz Ferdinand, but this is an impression you only get for few songs. Preferred song: Somebody Told Me. (Not worth at this point to visit their website: there is nothing on it).


Interesting apps that help list, share and borrow goals for next year. It leverage similar features as other user-generated content sites such as (bookmark sharing) and Flickr (photo sharing), and the user interface is brilliantly simple. It is not very developped, but there is potential to use the platform to build a social place […]

Portfolio update

Sold ACS @ $58.11. Bought few CCU @ $33.47.

Google Local

Google local is here. In beta version as usual. Search results are sorted by distance and shown on a map. Very much like traditional Yellow Pages. Promissing, even if not working for Europe so far.
Of course, the issue is it is too much like Yellow Pages: there is no way for the consumer to guess […]

Pro Ams ?

With wikipedia, firefox, and blogs / open source in general a trend is growing on: amateurs that are as knowledgeable as professionals and that are willing to share their knowledge/brains for free. This is the Pro-Am revolution, and goes far beyond journalism or programming. The term appears to have been coined by Demos, an independent […]

Open source news

In the same vain, as wikinews, last week, France’s Le Monde became the first major newspaper to offer its readers the opportunity to create and contribute blogs. It’s the first real acknowledgement by "big traditional media" that readers are looking to find and share their own voice and want to read content created from a […]

New Banksy book

Cut it out the new pocketbook of scribbling by Banksy is planned to be released on December 12th.
Update: Jonny Baker has a great extract.

Outsourcing, Outsourced

Funny tweak. "European companies may be outsourcing work to Indian firms but in one Delhi-based call centre it’s Europeans who make up a fair number of the workforce." BBC article.

America’s first Blog mogul

Good Independent’s article on Nick Denton.
Extract: “The formula behind the Gawker empire, Denton says, is simple: “The one common theme is to take an obsession, say a gadget obsession, and feed it - produce more content than the people could ever dream of having or consuming.”

Optical illusion

Go and look at this page. This is weird. via nanoblog.