How craigslist is reshaping ads market

In the Mercury News:

"Cauthorn estimates that with job listings alone, craigslist has taken $50 million to $60 million a year away from Bay Area newspapers." Full article. I think craigslist (Wikipedia article) is a very good concept and did get all the basic right. Not surprising that eBay bought a 25% stake in last August.

This is currently being copy/paste in Europe by the vivastreet team, but reading on some interviews they appear more focused on developing a "portal" (in their own words) and integrating chat, forums, content, etc. Interestring to see the approach they are taking here "a la Google" with progressing the project "without thinking about how to make money". Trying to leverage the community feeling that exists around craigslist (which lots of people thinks is a non for profit).

There is plenty of things to do with the original concept to have a free local community service that goes beyond pure ads.

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