Skype 1.1 available

It’s out. Few changes from my perspective except maybe new text chat with up to 50 (sic) users, and the updated look&feel (looks great!).

Nice to see as well that there is people out there that leverage the platform and APIs to create new way to communicate or new add-ons like the Skype Answering Machine.

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  1. 1 Gauthier Jan 13th, 2005 at 8:59 am

    Here we go, Skype released a new version, with useless features… e.g. whenever one of you contact go online you
    are alerted! Stop to work and start to chat with all of your contacts. Now Skype as the same features as
    MSN for the chat. They’d rather fix a couple of bugs one encountered… (as the trouble at the connection)
    A useful features they can add could be a means to remember your profile and your contacts when you used a computer which
    is not yours.
    But the good point is, you can install it on a flash disk and use it at work or at school, whatever are the
    rights you have on the computer.

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