Gates and free culture

Bill Gates describes free culture advocates as a "modern-day sort of communists" in a cnet interview.

In the same article, he appear somewhat arrogant to the blogging communities

Q: One of the big phenomena of the year has been blogging. Has the growth surprised you?

A:Well, actually I think the biggest blogging statistic I know, which really blew me away, is that we’ve got close to a million people setting up blogs (Web logs) with the Spaces capability that’s connected up to Messenger.

and Apple

Q: What do you think of Apple’s success so far? I mean, they clearly have had a hit with the iPod.

A: Absolutely. They had a hit with the Apple II, they had a hit with the Macintosh, and they have a hit with the iPod, so this is a company that’s had three hits, and that’s very impressive. There are a lot of companies that don’t have three hits. And in the same way that Macintosh helped get people exposed to the graphical user interface, the iPod is doing a great job getting people to think about digital music.

In the long run, there will be a lot of people making digital music players, and we think that there will be a very different market share with dozens and dozens of companies. And other than Apple, all those player makers are signing up to work inside the Windows PlaysForSure ecosystem.

Dan Gilmour fights back and BoingBoing has some funny images.

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