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Gmail under hackers’ attacks??

A scaring post about Gmail here the must have address email for the moment. Sheer luck, the bug (interception of messages) seems to be fixed.

email vs. IM culture

Good post from zephoria on the usage of IM/email by youth. For the next generation of web users, the real Web 2.0, RSS and email don’t mean anything. Its IM/SMS all the time.

Benefits of mobile solutions

Extract from Radicati report on mobile workers: "Research also indicates that employees using wireless email are putting in an extra 60 minutes of work per day in 2004. This will grow to 95 minutes by year-end 2008."

Search war

Featured as one of the best of 2004 article on Always On.
At the Wall Street Journal’s second annual D Conference in June, Bill Gates defended his company’s plans to enter the search arena. In an interview conducted by Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher, Mr. Gates explained why Microsoft will someday be a better alternative […]

New iPod

Great iPod shuffle !

Maisonneuve review Interpol

Paul winner has a great article on Interpol on Maisonneuve: Interpol: Whither Rock?. Otherwise, the Evil video is available as well online on Matador records site since yesterday.

Visual chess

Thinking machine is a online chess engine that provide a visual representation of the computer calculations. It is often artistic in graphically representing all the alternatives it is evaluating.
via Boylston Chess Club

Where is the press going ?

Newspapers Should Really Worry in Wired
Medias en crise in Le monde diplomatique

Carlsen defeats Shirov

Carlsen, a 14-year-old GM, has defeated Shirov, one of the top ten player in the World. Game and report on Chessbase.

Gates and free culture

Bill Gates describes free culture advocates as a "modern-day sort of communists" in a cnet interview.
In the same article, he appear somewhat arrogant to the blogging communities
Q: One of the big phenomena of the year has been blogging. Has the growth surprised you?
A:Well, actually I think the biggest blogging statistic I know, […]


Newsmap is a visual representation of what’s going on in the world as aggregated by Google News and visualized by Marcos Weskamp. It may appear confusing at first, because it is. It’s clearly not smart enough to derive meaning and importance from news based on our own preferences, but it’s a step in the right […]

Google for Unsecured Webcams

Computers - Unsecure networks + Google = fun
via Jeremy Zawodny’s linkblog.

Google under fire for Open Source greed

The accusation comes from Microsoft staff though… Article.
Update - John Battelle has a good point: "As I understand it, when it comes to giving back to the Open Source community, the Microsofties may have a point, at least strictly speaking. But then again, Google took open source and, well, built Google, and it’s free for […]


Yesterday, I have helped Kurt to setup FirstPartner’s blog (on Wordpress of course). He and the Firstpartner’s team have already started to post.

NYT on Craigslist’s approach

Another company that has staked out a contrarian position through the use of customer advocacy is Craigslist, the online bulletin board that has become a darling of the Internet sector. Jim Buckmaster, the chief executive of Craigslist, is soft-spoken, reserved, minimalist in his rhetoric and demeanor. But his personality is a perfect fit for his […]