On the road

Just arrived in San Francisco. Travelling for business hence staying in sexy Mountain View

Still amazed by the time you loose when you are travelling: time to go to the airport, time in the airport queing up or simply lost time there - as you need to arrive long in advance, etc., then time in the flight itself, then time for administrative checks, waiting luggages, etc. This travel time is like being in a different state: you are not at home, you are not at work, you are just being in between. Problem is that the in between is long, in fact it is like full schunk of your life sometimes full days disapear in something which is like the twilight zone. The time I am spending "in transit" is longer than the time I spent on any other activities outside work in fact.

And given the population at the airport this morning, I am not the only one in that position. Not good.

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