Marc Andreesen on launching startups

Just discovered the existence of this stealth startup via Rodrigo. Not much on their site, but this is what they say on their about page.

We have been around the start-up block enough times to have a very clear idea of what kind of company we want to build. Here are some of the things we believe in:

* Run fast, fly low, and be cheap
* Promote from within–quickly
* Keep everyone informed, both on the good news and the bad news
* Organize based on a cell structure for both technical and non-technical functions
o 3-5 person teams
o Flat organization
* Be transparent
o Review projects every 2 weeks
* Reward innovation, ingenuity, and hard work
o Meritocracy
o Evaluate and reward managers based on development of people
o Top down reassignments of high achievers
* Build a team with potential, drive, curiosity, intelligence and ambition
o Don’t have to have experience or a track record
o We want people to build experience and track records with us
* Train people
o Everyone teaches
o Honest, frequent feedback
o Weekly 1:1, staff, and all hands meetings
o Written career development plans

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