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Outsource your job to earn more!

Excellent article from Times of India about a programmer in the US that has outsourced his job to India.
"About a year ago I hired a developer in India to do my job. I pay him $12,000 out of the $67,000 I get. He’s happy to have the work. I’m happy that I have to work […]

Duccio di Buoninsegna

Kottke is pointing to an article by The New Yorker on the acquisition of a painting called Madonna and Child by Duccio di Buoninsegna by The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Good story about a great painting.
More more on Duccio, check out his biography on Wikipedia and some collections of his work (1, 2, […]

Mobile network operators blocking VoIP, Skype partners with WiFi network

Volker Weber a.k.a. vowe reports that Vodafone Germany is blocking VoIP traffic from their 3G network. Not surprising given the threat that it represents for their revenue, but once again how long this will sustain … it will take only one operator to allow it for the others to be forced to copy.
During that […]

chess tactics

The equivalent of electronic crack: Chess Tactics Server.
  via Tactics Tactics Tactics!?

Starting the pyramid again …

Level 7 today ! (How the pyramid works)

John Gibson (Fox News) wishes France has been attacked by terrorists…

Read this am in the Guardian, and since on Loic Le Meur blog.
Extract from the Guardian article….
Fox News slammed over ‘callous’ line (Julina Borger) 
Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News channel was under fire yesterday for comments by some of its leading journalists in response to the London bombs.
Speaking about the reaction of the financial markets, Brit Hume, […]

American and vacations…

Only 79% of Americans get paid vacation time. Of those who get it, 12% take less than 3 days each year. Last year, Americans forfeited an average of 3 paid vacation days—415 million days total—a 50% increase over 2003. … They are mad.
Details on Mother Jones via Worthwhile

New world cartography

Places which are more accessible seem to get "closer" to each other while less accessible places become isolated. This fact affects our perception of the earth. Personal World Map give awareness of your actual position in the world in relation to other places by taking into account the time or money you need to get […]

Things you can do with RSS

Things you can do with RSS

Lance Armstrong: How he does it

In the NYT few days ago: How Lance Armstrong Gets His Unusual Energy
Armstrong can ride up the mountains in France generating about 500 watts of power for 20 minutes, something a typical 25-year-old could do for only 30 seconds. A professional hockey player might last three minutes - and then throw up.
via signal vs noise

Crazy Frog

From the Register:
Jamba, the Verisign-owned ringtone vendor, seems to have saturated the patience of regulators in Europe with its torturous Crazy Frog tune.
The campaign has proved so successful that Crazy Frog’s reworking of Harold Faltermeyer’s ‘Axel F’ beat Coldplay to No 1 in the pop charts. The Berlin-based company has grossed an estimated £14m from […]

Pedometer with Google maps

Gmaps pedometer

London bombings

At least 37 people have been killed and 700 injured in a series of terror attacks in London. Story on Guardian, wikinews and on blogs.

Mobile Scoop

Scoopt: "Who will take tomorrow’s front page photograph - a professional press photographer or a passer-by armed with a cameraphone?" Scoopt allows witnesses to news events to post their photos online. Then they try to sell them to their "extensive network of media contacts", splitting income on the 50:50 basis - though the photographer retains […]

London 2012

I can’t believe it…