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Mobile location based service

IHT has an article on the status of Location Based Services (Will cellphones ever replace the concierge?), which Russell Buckley is commenting on mobhappy. He is listing 3 reasons why LBS have not taken off yet: lack of usability, lack of compelling applications and operators.
Truth is that the location information is highly variable between operators […]

Using a blog a e-commerce platform

Shel Israel is interviewing La Fraise’s CEO: Interview: Patrice Cassard. The site generates 2 million page views per month, 300k unique visitors, and sells around 1,650 t-shirts per month. This is €36k monthly revenue… Not bad for a T-shirt shop. Realising that they launch another shop as well selling T-Shirts/bodies for kids.

Being a slave

Excellent cartoon from hugh

Marc Andreesen on launching startups

Just discovered the existence of this stealth startup via Rodrigo. Not much on their site, but this is what they say on their about page.
We have been around the start-up block enough times to have a very clear idea of what kind of company we want to build. Here are some of the […]