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Holidays …

Family times in France: Evian, Bourg, Lyon, Agen, Bordeaux …

Dr. D

The new web site of Dr. D is live and worth a visit (image extracted from the gallery).
via Wooster Collective.

Mozilla Foundation to works on RSS

Mozilla Foundation wants at making RSS usable by mere mortals on zdnet.

New theme !

Testing White as Milk Theme designed by Azeem Azeez
(found on The WordPress 1.5 Themes Competition Blog)

Audioscrobbler is now

Audioscrobbler changed their look over the week-end and renamed to My page is here. The site is VERY slow and I hope things will improve.
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Eco friendly

Where to score the best eco-friendly yet well-designed alternatives to polluting old-school products:


Banksy in the west bank

The Guardian is reporting on Banksy’s trip to the occupied territories.
A statement from Banksy: "The Israeli government is building a wall surrounding the occupied Palestinian territories. It stands three times the height of the Berlin Wall and will eventually run for over 700km - the distance from London to Zurich. The wall is […]

Even hell has it standards

A decision is due to be made whether a billboard labelling President Bush an ‘evil bastard’ is appropriate, NZ City of New Zealand reports Monday.
Original post via Eyeteeth.


1:18min around Richmond park @ 172 BPM.

Pyramid PR

New PR: level 9 !


Finished earlier this week Freakonomics, which I bought for my trip back from LA last week. Freakonomics is about unconventional wisdom, using the raw data of economics in imaginative ways to ask clever and diverting questions. Examples:What do schoolteachers and sumo wrestlers have in common? Why do drug dealers still live with their moms? I […]

Baidu !

Baidu (BIDU) stock takes 350% on his first day. The Telegraph notes that "If Google were valued on the same basis it would have a market capitalisation of $3.1 trillion rather than its current worth of $82.3bn.". The Chinese bubble is on… (well at least from America). Also, worth a read: a link to […]


ThinkSecret says that Apple is getting ready to upgrade OS X Server with some sort of improved mail and calendar solution, probably Hula. I hadn’t heard of Hula before, but this looks certainly like a good piece of software.

What are you on ?

Quote from Lance Armstrong that was on the wall at the gym : "Everybody wants to know what I’m on. What am I on? I’m on my bike busting my ass six hours a day. What are you on?"

easyMobile is a success with 15k subs

Easymobile - the no-frills, discount mobile outfit - has managed to sign up 15,000 punters since it launched the service back in March. Boss Frank Rasmussen said he was "pleased with the results" adding that the mobile outfit had "successfully made an impact on the UK mobile market". 
On The Register.