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Apple is Always Thinking Different

Mike Evangelist has a post on how Apple is Thinking Different.
A key figure in the US civil rights movement died on October 24th…her name was Rosa Parks. I confess to be only vaguely aware of her name in the past, but I knew she was involved in the famous bus segregation incident. Apple showed […]

George Bush Singing U2’s Sunday Bloody Sunday

DJ RX’s mashup of George Bush Singing U2’s Sunday Bloody Sunday.
via Feld Thoughts

Notorious BG

Bill Gates is appearing as The Notorious B.G. on MTV. sounded like a strange audience and I wanted to watch the video … only could get (surprise, surprise) the message below…

Persistent search in Gmail

Persistent searches (ie. smart folders which I would describe as "live mining") is a very cool feature for email. You can create labels or folders than contain only emails that have certain dynamic parameters, like currently unread or received in the last 24 hours. Just help to manage the flow. The feature is part of […]

Animals and guns in NYT

Funny article in the NYT: When It’s Your Animal House 
WITH her husband and two sons out of town, what’s a smart, sensible city woman to do if she finds a rabid raccoon in the garage of the family’s weekend house?
Dial 911.
It was the obvious solution, or so thought Marie-Claude Stockl after […]

$441,900 for one web page

This student is selling placement on one web page and is seeking to make $1mn out of it. Incredible he has made so much money already.

Microsoft payouts

Fairly amazing: Dan Gillmor reports on the payoffs that Microsoft is making to get out of legal trouble. The total to date is more than $5 billion and counting - to companies like RealNetworks, IBM, Sun, AOL … -  but the impact on Microsoft is nearly zero as they cash-in $1bn per month. As Dan’s […]

My outsourced life

This article shreds some light on what is to come: My Outsourced Life.

Blowfish !

Excellent sushi restaurant in SF: Blowfish - sushi to die for.

Video ipod

Another week, another ipod product…  this time it is the video ipod. I hope this will do the same good for video that the original ipod did for music, and that video downloadables are going to become mass market. More on Gizmodo.

Web 2.0 by teenagers

Kareem Mayan has some good notes from a conversation with Five Teenagers at web 2.0.
Few points:

Q: Assume i give you $100, what would you spend it on, could go to a bar (!), etc. A: spend it on ringtones, spend $50-60 on ringtones in a month.
"have 10 paid songs out of 1500 on my […]

Dardi le Rose Bussia Barolo 2000

God and Georges

God is very active: after making Zidane starts football again, a new BBC series - Elusive Peace: Israel and the Arabs - reveals that Georges Bush (picture source: Bush-monkeys) is as well having voices dictating him what to do:
Nabil Shaath [Palestinian Foreign Minister]says: "President Bush said to all of us: ‘I’m driven […]

Chinese propaganda posters

After Russian posters, just coming across a site with vintage Chinese posters, printed from 1950 to 1990 for propaganda purposes. An amazing collection.

Less as a competitive advantage

Jason from 37signals is posting about his speach at web 2.0 on the concept of less as a competitive advantage.
Conventional wisdom says to beat your competitors you need to one-up them. If they have 4 features, you need 5. Or 15. Or 25. If they’re spending X, you need to spend XX. If they have […]