Web 2.0 by teenagers

Kareem Mayan has some good notes from a conversation with Five Teenagers at web 2.0.

Few points:

  • Q: Assume i give you $100, what would you spend it on, could go to a bar (!), etc.
    A: spend it on ringtones, spend $50-60 on ringtones in a month.
  • "have 10 paid songs out of 1500 on my iPod […] I never pay for downloading a song, I go to a friend’s house to get their music"
  • "Used to buy books from amazon, nobody uses eBay" […] "afraid of being ripped off, Mom is addicted."
  • And … they don’t know Skype…

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  1. 1 kareem Oct 11th, 2005 at 7:35 am

    Thanks for the link.

    The Skype thing isn’t wholly surprising… another stat from the conference: 87% of Skype usage is outside the USA.

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