Animals and guns in NYT

Funny article in the NYT: When It’s Your Animal House 


WITH her husband and two sons out of town, what’s a smart, sensible city woman to do if she finds a rabid raccoon in the garage of the family’s weekend house?

Dial 911.

It was the obvious solution, or so thought Marie-Claude Stockl after discovering a foaming-at-the-mouth visitor at her Ancramdale, N.Y., retreat. Ms. Stockl, a pharmaceutical executive from the Upper East Side of Manhattan, accustomed to resolving apartment issues with a single phone call to the doorman, assumed the police would rush to her rescue.

Instead, the officer on duty expected her to exercise a little country self-sufficiency: "Just shoot it!" When she explained that she didn’t own a gun, the officer retorted impatiently, "Then use your husband’s gun!" […]

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