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Great shot

Great shot from Houser.

Gran Claustro de Castillo Perelada - 2000

Bought at Madrid airport last year: really good.

Sarko & Kasso

Via Loic LeMeur, I learn that Nicolas Sarkozy, France’s Interior Minister, has posted a comment on the blog. of director Mathieu Kassovitz. Times are changing…

Conservativism in the US …

Adam Bosworth is mentioning this Justin Webb’s article on the BCC website: "Dinosaurs, evangelicals and the state". This along the same lines of the BBC series I wrote about few months back. What a pity the US is getting more and more conservative, even against all sense of logic.
In the state of Kansas they have […]

It is freezing !

This is the common at 7:30 this morning…

Amazingly dense pictures of Hong Kong

Amazing picture on Michael Wolf’s site.
via Binary Bonsai.


I have been in Paris yesterday, and it was all OK and quiet. As usual in fact. Quite different from waht you can hear and read through the media in Britain.
picture via Bouge. 

Migrating to Nokia N70

I was looking at the Nokia 6682 for some time, but the N70 is even better: more memory, slicker design and better camera. Using it for few days now, and it is a fantastic handset. Only hic in the process: I still haven’t figure how to transfer all my numbers from my old Nokia […]

Currently listening to … The Rakes

 I had the album for quite some time, on the advice of Gauthier. Just started to listen to it few days ago. Very addictive: Capture/Release from The Rakes is a fantastic album. Very much in the lines of Bloc Party but with a zest of Franz Ferdinand. Difficult to pick my preferred title on the […]

Dan Brown exit

A remarkable thing has happened two weeks ago week: for the first time in nearly 3 years, "The DaVinci Code" has not been in the top 15 on the NYT bestseller list Sunday. Too bad it has reappeared this week at slot #10. I have not read the book, and I am not intending to: […]

Fantastic party at Pangaea yersterday night


Simplicity for presentations


Presentation Zen has a post on how simplicity is key for presentation, with quite a illustrative comparaison between Gates and Jobs styles.