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itunes and winamp killer ?

Currently testing… Based on Firefox’s engine, Songbird is an open source "web" player/library. Not a Mozilla initiative though. Available for Windows so far, soon OSX and Linux. Interesting initiative, but there is still some work to be done - so far the interface is clumsy and fairly slow. The program is scanning my machijne, […]

Coffe in Spain

Been 10 days in Spain in the last month and one of the learning is that Spanish make good coffee - that was quite a discovery. I am used to order double expresso everywhere I go, and that was quite a mistake in Spain - they turned up in all cases to be large coffee […]

one month

No post for the last month … been way to busy to even think about it, mainly travelling - Moscow, Barcelona, Madrid, Munich, Amsterdam - so let’s try to catch-up in the next few posts…