Coffe in Spain

Been 10 days in Spain in the last month and one of the learning is that Spanish make good coffee - that was quite a discovery. I am used to order double expresso everywhere I go, and that was quite a mistake in Spain - they turned up in all cases to be large coffee - American tasteless style. The real gem though is the local cortado - which is a short black coffee with a drop of milk. Very similar to the french "cafe au lait", but slightly stronger. Excellent. (picture from

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  1. 1 gauthier Feb 26th, 2006 at 1:05 pm

    I dunno if this coffee is good, but now I am critic for everycoffee made in the North of Naples… This Spanish coffee, according to me is too long, the best coffee, it’s just one drop (lets say 10) and a little bit of sugar, nothing else?
    By the way to try is a coffee is good, here a simple test: when you put the sugar inside, it must remain in the foam for about one second before to settle down.
    I did the test several times lately and this test seems to give good results!
    Maybe it’s psychologic…

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