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Orange lost it

Orange marketing and branding gurus lost it in fact some time ago - they had one of the best (mobile) brand out there. In fact, Orange at its start was nothing more than a brand. But step by step - with the help of France Telecom - they reduced it to something much different. […]

Popular p2p downloads

 Want to monitor what are the most popular p2p downloads on emule and soon bittorrent and co, then Peer Mind is your site.

How long will your password stand up…

Simple tables on password "recovery" speed: better use a mix of symbols, letters and numbers if you want your password to be really effective.

Google calendar

Live at last …

The Economist - France faces the future

Something for English and American to rejoice at ! But between the riots few months back, the strikes more recently, and the economic stats it is clear that everything is not going the right way…