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music streaming

Illegal downloading is going to disapear. Or at least it should even if it is likely that people like to download, download and download, for no reasonable reason.
Why downloading filling up your hard drive with 1000s of random song (that is what most people do after they have downloaded the songs they know, downloading new […]

We are all individuals

Excellent extract of the Life of Brian: somehow the behaviour of the mob is familiar those days…

Moscow parties

I will have to put a bit more effort on reporting the time I spent in Moscow, but in the meantime, Vanity fair has quite a representative article on what the night life is there: wild. Midnight in Moscow, by Brett Forrest.
Extract: “These clubs have been high-style cathedrals of sensual warfare, and Russia’s elite haven’t […]

Mercenary jackpot

At least some people enjoy the war on terror… Mercenary Jackpot: US Pays Blackwater $320 Million in Secretive Global ‘Security’ Program.
via Tangledwing

inside man - not tonight

We wanted to watch Spike Lee’s Inside Man tonight, but the DVD was not available… Got to watch the cut from the Indian movie from which the song was taken for opening sequence: this is quite funny and the music is good. The video is here.

Stuck at Heathrow this morning …

A security alert meant that all flights are suspended this morning I was suposed to go to Budapest for the day, but that would be for another time… BBC has some background on the story.