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Helene’s prefered video …

How do you post a youtube video on wordpress blog?

After failing to make any plugin work properly, I realise it is very easy and with no plugin required: simply use the following code (replacing the “[]” by ““) and turn off the rich-text-editor option on my user profile page (at the bottom):
[embed src=”” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” width=”425″ height=”350″][/embed]

MSTRKRFT remixes

MSTRKRFT would be my group of the year 2006. I will not comment here on the quality of their album, the video for easy love, but rather speak about their remixes. Just saw there is the complete (?) list on their myspace and I have been downloading and listening them throughout the day on the […]

Vile bodies by Waught

The new year is starting once again and a resolution is to get to read a bit more - which means a lot more anyway, as I am barely reading those days, and there are plenty of books to read out there - I am having lists I have put over the years with tons […]


Went to see the NYPV at popscene yesterday - very good performance! Been listening to ice cream for numerous months now, including the amazing mixes around (DJ Mehdi / Van She), and they are now fully mainstream as the song is now the music of the last Intel ad. Most likely going to have on […]

Music this week

> Guttersnipe live at Mix in Moscow in Dec 2005 (direct link to file - 90mb)
> Comite central - Mix mort aux jeunes