Vile bodies by Waught

The new year is starting once again and a resolution is to get to read a bit more - which means a lot more anyway, as I am barely reading those days, and there are plenty of books to read out there - I am having lists I have put over the years with tons of them around and I need to catch up badly. This is easy for now as we are on holidays and I have plenty of time, but let’s see if I can sustain the rythm duirng the next few months.

I started in reading during the last few days Ces Corps Vils (Vile Bodies) from Evelyn Waugh. Excellent start I must say after this year - the book is a (dark) satire of the decadent young London upper society in the 1930s. Much better than Fitzgerald. While some might say that this type of society died with the second world war, I found the book very relevant to todays life - some of the characters could be Paris Hilton or similar celebrities, and some of the scenes could very much be alive tonight in Moscow or Paris…

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