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Eric Prydz Vs Floyd - Proper Education

And the mp3 can be found here: Eric Prydz vs. Pink Floyd - Proper Education (Daft Mix) (Courtesy of Mary Ann)

Mylo live

We started with M1nt, which is a original club / concept bar - the 250 first members are also shareholder and own the place. There was a asmallworld party, and P got us on the list. We then went to see a part of Mylo set at Fabric - it was good to see the […]


Visited the torre Picaso, which is the tallest building in Madrid and from the same architect as the defunct NYC World Trade center towers. And as usual when I visit Spain, got stuck in massive problem on the way back and arrived with 3+ hours delay…

The Apple iphone is out…

… and I want one !

All the pictures are on engadget.

Few years back

France Gall - Der Computer Nummer 3
That the way to cut a rug !
via schlocker

The Departed

We went yesterday to see yesterday night The Departed, Martin Scorsese last movie. The story is set in boston and is about a crime boss, who has a rat in the police department while a police enformant infiltrates his gang. The word on the street seems to be that this is one of his best, […]

Dix-huit fantômes by SA Steeman

I liked that one. Not an intellectual book, but a good detective novel.

Happy New Year !

Digitalism - Zdarlight