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Popular p2p downloads

 Want to monitor what are the most popular p2p downloads on emule and soon bittorrent and co, then Peer Mind is your site.

Wordpress 2 is out !

All details are on their site of course. Great new features but still not everybody want to upgrade straight away and I for one  am amongst those that prefer to wait and postpone the upgrade headaches. goes to Yahoo!

Yahoo! is taking all the web 2.0 flagships out there. After Flickr and Konfabulator few months back, in October, this is now the turn of to join the Yahoo! family. I must say these are moves in the right direction for Yahoo! and those companies have just great offering - the best in […]

Sarko & Kasso

Via Loic LeMeur, I learn that Nicolas Sarkozy, France’s Interior Minister, has posted a comment on the blog. of director Mathieu Kassovitz. Times are changing…

posting, subscribing, and tagging

Interesting post from Fred Wilson: "I believe that together posting, subscribing, and tagging will profoundly change the worlds of media, entertainment, commerce, and communication."

Wikipedia stats

Statistical analysis of the Wikipedian Community.
(Also Wikipedia as a learning community paper)
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web 3.0

A view of the future I am subscribing to: GoogleOS? YahooOS? MozillaOS? WebOS? on Kottke is focusing mainly on the role that the large players could have, but I believe a lot of the action will come from start-ups.
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Blog headline

‘Who are we, who is each one of us, if not a combinatoria of experiences, information, books we have read, things imagined? Each life is an encyclopedia, a library, an inventory of objects, a series of styles, and everything can be constantly shuffled and reordered in every way conceivable.’
Italo Calvino, Six Memos for the […]

Content not being the king anymore

Jeff Jarvis has another very good post on content not being the king anymore. Extracts:
Distribution is not king - "Owning the printing press, broadcast tower, cable plant, movie theater, or chain of stores is a cost burden when your competitors and customers can, without friction, effort or cost, bypass your distribution […]

Mozilla Foundation to works on RSS

Mozilla Foundation wants at making RSS usable by mere mortals on zdnet.

New theme !

Testing White as Milk Theme designed by Azeem Azeez
(found on The WordPress 1.5 Themes Competition Blog)

Technorati tags generator

Great: Technorati tags generator. Ok I am not using those, but quite useful. wondering why tis is not part of the wordpress standard build…

Things you can do with RSS

Things you can do with RSS

Mobile Scoop

Scoopt: "Who will take tomorrow’s front page photograph - a professional press photographer or a passer-by armed with a cameraphone?" Scoopt allows witnesses to news events to post their photos online. Then they try to sell them to their "extensive network of media contacts", splitting income on the 50:50 basis - though the photographer retains […]

Using a blog a e-commerce platform

Shel Israel is interviewing La Fraise’s CEO: Interview: Patrice Cassard. The site generates 2 million page views per month, 300k unique visitors, and sells around 1,650 t-shirts per month. This is €36k monthly revenue… Not bad for a T-shirt shop. Realising that they launch another shop as well selling T-Shirts/bodies for kids.