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Dan Gillmor has just launched his grassroots journalism site. “Bayosphere …of, by and for the Bay Area.” founder eyes journalism

The AP’s running an interview today with Craigslist founder Craig Newmark. He intends to launch a citizen journalism initiative and has a few words au how fraud is impacting CL NY site.

Link spam

The register has an interview with a link spammer. Good read. Those guys are pain.

email vs. IM culture

Good post from zephoria on the usage of IM/email by youth. For the next generation of web users, the real Web 2.0, RSS and email don’t mean anything. Its IM/SMS all the time.

blogs in Fortune

Fortune Magazine’s David Kirkpatrick and Daniel Roth have just posted an excellent article about blogging.
via Joi Ito.

Wikis in Forbes Best of the Web

“Think of it as an evolution. In the early days of the Web, there were bulletin boards like Usenet. Then, during the boom, Web sites like Geocities, which gave people the ability to create communities of templated personal Web pages. Post-Internet bubble, Web logs offered “bloggers” more customizable personal Web journals and the ability […]

Interview in OhmyNews International with Dan Gillmor

OhmyNews International has a good interview with Dan Gillmor about his new project: "I hope to pull together something useful that helps enable — and demonstrates — the emerging grassroots journalism that I wrote about in my recent book (We the Media, 2004). Something powerful is happening, it’s in the early stages and I have […]


Interesting apps that help list, share and borrow goals for next year. It leverage similar features as other user-generated content sites such as (bookmark sharing) and Flickr (photo sharing), and the user interface is brilliantly simple. It is not very developped, but there is potential to use the platform to build a social place […]

Pro Ams ?

With wikipedia, firefox, and blogs / open source in general a trend is growing on: amateurs that are as knowledgeable as professionals and that are willing to share their knowledge/brains for free. This is the Pro-Am revolution, and goes far beyond journalism or programming. The term appears to have been coined by Demos, an independent […]

Open source news

In the same vain, as wikinews, last week, France’s Le Monde became the first major newspaper to offer its readers the opportunity to create and contribute blogs. It’s the first real acknowledgement by "big traditional media" that readers are looking to find and share their own voice and want to read content created from a […]

America’s first Blog mogul

Good Independent’s article on Nick Denton.
Extract: “The formula behind the Gawker empire, Denton says, is simple: “The one common theme is to take an obsession, say a gadget obsession, and feed it - produce more content than the people could ever dream of having or consuming.”

Wikipedia Creators Move Into News

After doing much in recent years to revolutionize the way an encyclopedia can be built and maintained, the team behind Wikipedia is attempting to apply its collaborative information-gathering model to journalism. They have just launched Wikinews, albeit in demo version so far. The news site follows a similar set of rules as the encyclopedia, which […]

Number of blogs

A good summary of the information available on ClicZ.

Blogging and corporations…

A very good presentation from Jeff Jarvis.
"The barrier to entry to media has been blown away.
Now the people you are trying to reach through media are creating media."
via gapingvoid

Big Media vs. Blogs

Impressive set of data on blog status from Technorati CEO.