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Top-Earning Fictional Characters

On Forbes: "According to our calculations, the top-ten fictional characters grossed more than $25 billion in 2003." Mickey, Winnie, Nemo and the like are big money.

430,000 people in the World live on their Ebay revenues

Article on Neteconomie (in French), based on an interview with Bill Cobb, SVP at eBay.
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The Internet And the Death Of 80/20

Must read post on how the internet has killed the 80/20 rule of thumb. “Scarcity of attention and space were the cause of the 80/20 rule; the Internet is changing that” Apparently there‚Äôs at least as much money in unpopular, non-bestselling works then there is in blockbusters, and that’s in addressing the tail of the […]

500 US fatest growing private businesses

Interesting to read the Top 25 profiles on Inc. / Yahoo.

$805.9m per quarter

This is the quarterly revenue of both eBay and Google (that’s right the same number for both). Net income: $182.3m for eBay vs $52.0m for Google though.
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Good story (even if a bit long): Confessions of a Car Salesman
"I took Ron to the lowest level sedan on the lot and he examined the sticker price. We had been told in the seminar that it was "easier to sell up, than down" — you started at the least expensive model and let them […]

The economics of coffee

Rodrigo has an interesting post on the Nespresso’s concept. Interesting to see how a commodity like coffee got transformed into an everyday luxury item with Starbucks first and now with Nespresso. There is apparently no limit how much we are ready to pay for a superior experience and branding.