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chess tactics

The equivalent of electronic crack: Chess Tactics Server.
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Kasparov retires from professional chess

The story is on chessbase.

Chess engine rating

Here is the most repected site, and their list has been updated at the end of 2004: SSDF Chess computer rating list. Shredder 8.0 still comes on top.

Chess Databases

Yesterday there was an good article in the NYT on how databases have changed the game.

Visual chess

Thinking machine is a online chess engine that provide a visual representation of the computer calculations. It is often artistic in graphically representing all the alternatives it is evaluating.
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Carlsen defeats Shirov

Carlsen, a 14-year-old GM, has defeated Shirov, one of the top ten player in the World. Game and report on Chessbase.

Tactics from the US championship

Few tactic exercises on Chessbase. Link

Kramnik retains world title

This is quite an interesting game. Kramnik was under huge pressure asplaying with white the last game, he had to win to draw the series and retain the title. Leko is famous for being a great defender, but Kramnik cracked his defence with a pawn sacrifice in the endgame. More details on Chessbase.