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Web file archive with Firefox

Internet Explorer has the ability for some time now to save web pages as a bundled file - MHT format - rather than as multiple separate files. I was missing the same thing on Firefox - to save the pages or fcourse, but also to open my MHT files. It is possible now through the […] goes to Yahoo!

Yahoo! is taking all the web 2.0 flagships out there. After Flickr and Konfabulator few months back, in October, this is now the turn of to join the Yahoo! family. I must say these are moves in the right direction for Yahoo! and those companies have just great offering - the best in […]

$441,900 for one web page

This student is selling placement on one web page and is seeking to make $1mn out of it. Incredible he has made so much money already.

Web 2.0 by teenagers

Kareem Mayan has some good notes from a conversation with Five Teenagers at web 2.0.
Few points:

Q: Assume i give you $100, what would you spend it on, could go to a bar (!), etc. A: spend it on ringtones, spend $50-60 on ringtones in a month.
"have 10 paid songs out of 1500 on my […]

Firefox 1.5

Firefox 1.5 Beta 1 is now available for download, including Drag and drop reordering for browser tabs which I was hoping for for a long time.

eBay buys Skype

The press release is here, and the latest of the comments on Google news. Quite an expensive move: $2.6bn minimum up to $4.1bn if some objectives are met by 2008.

App-less Web Apps

On 37signals :
What makes a web-app an app? I’d argue it’s not the functionality - there’s a lot of functionality on the web that we wouldn’t explicitly consider a "web-app." I’d argue it’s the account, the infrastructure, the multi-page UI, the navigation between elements, the billing, the overview pages, etc. That’s the stuff that makes […]

Do you know OPM ?

I didn’t until I ame across an old post from Fred on a VC. Detailed description on engadget. Extracts:
With Longhorn, Microsoft will begin pushing opium. Well, technically it’s OPM. However, opium might be a good option for those livid that the video content being sent to their pristine 24-inch Dell LCD monitors is purposefully being […]

PayPal Expands Micropayments For Content

PayPal is extending its micropayments service: under new pricing for payments of less than $2, merchants will pay 5 percent of the transaction plus 5 cents per transaction. Compare this to the fee that network operator takes for micro-billing…
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Compare prices between Amazon stores

Pricenoia lets you do single searches across all Amazon stores, showing where the product is in stock, estimating the shipping to you wherever you are in the world, and even doing currency conversions to give you a clean comparison of which store is cheapest to order from.

via Yannick Laclau
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Ballmer throwing chair at “F*ing Google”

John Battelle has got his hand on a transcript from the on-going legal battle between Google and Microsoft over Google’s hiring of Kai-Fu Lee. The statement of an MSFT engineer that has moved to Google reads in part:
Prior to joining Google, I set up a meeting on or about November 11, 2004 with […]

posting, subscribing, and tagging

Interesting post from Fred Wilson: "I believe that together posting, subscribing, and tagging will profoundly change the worlds of media, entertainment, commerce, and communication."

web 3.0

A view of the future I am subscribing to: GoogleOS? YahooOS? MozillaOS? WebOS? on Kottke is focusing mainly on the role that the large players could have, but I believe a lot of the action will come from start-ups.
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Content not being the king anymore

Jeff Jarvis has another very good post on content not being the king anymore. Extracts:
Distribution is not king - "Owning the printing press, broadcast tower, cable plant, movie theater, or chain of stores is a cost burden when your competitors and customers can, without friction, effort or cost, bypass your distribution […]

Google getting into trouble

Jeff Jarvis expresses again his concerns about Google becoming "big, closed, arrogant" and quote a recent NYT article on the subject:
But instead of embracing Google as one of their own, many in Silicon Valley are skittish about its size and power. They fret that the very strengths that made Google a search-engine phenomenon […]