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New world cartography

Places which are more accessible seem to get "closer" to each other while less accessible places become isolated. This fact affects our perception of the earth. Personal World Map give awareness of your actual position in the world in relation to other places by taking into account the time or money you need to get […]

Pedometer with Google maps

Gmaps pedometer

Google Earth

Google this morning released Google Earth, the result of their purchase of Keyhole software late last year. It allows flyovers of the whole earth, as well as 3D buildings in 38 US cities. And it’s free. Below is Rome.

Personalized Google home page

Google announced its personalized home page option on Thursday and outlined plans to build aggregation of RSS feeds into it over the next two months. The service, which is called Fusion and available as a beta from the Google Labs site, allows users to create their own Google home pages featuring Google’s expanding set of […]


A bit laste on it but: on April 29, 2005, Firefox was downloaded 50,000,000 times.

Link spam

The register has an interview with a link spammer. Good read. Those guys are pain.

RSS power

Ross Mayfield has a good post on subscribers vs impressions:

Impressions are information, subscribers are relationships

Impressions are on-offs, subscribers are recurring revenue

Impressions are directly monetized (today), subscribers are influence.

RSS is key.

Definition of the long tail

Chris Anderson, the editor of Wired Magazine, has open a public call for defining the long tail. This is his selection of the best definitions:

"The Long Tail is the realization that the sum of many small markets is worth as much, if not more, than a few large markets." –Jason Foster

“The Long Tail is what […]


Newsmap is a visual representation of what’s going on in the world as aggregated by Google News and visualized by Marcos Weskamp. It may appear confusing at first, because it is. It’s clearly not smart enough to derive meaning and importance from news based on our own preferences, but it’s a step in the right […]

Google under fire for Open Source greed

The accusation comes from Microsoft staff though… Article.
Update - John Battelle has a good point: "As I understand it, when it comes to giving back to the Open Source community, the Microsofties may have a point, at least strictly speaking. But then again, Google took open source and, well, built Google, and it’s free for […]

NYT on Craigslist’s approach

Another company that has staked out a contrarian position through the use of customer advocacy is Craigslist, the online bulletin board that has become a darling of the Internet sector. Jim Buckmaster, the chief executive of Craigslist, is soft-spoken, reserved, minimalist in his rhetoric and demeanor. But his personality is a perfect fit for his […]

How craigslist is reshaping ads market

In the Mercury News:
"Cauthorn estimates that with job listings alone, craigslist has taken $50 million to $60 million a year away from Bay Area newspapers." Full article. I think craigslist (Wikipedia article) is a very good concept and did get all the basic right. Not surprising that eBay bought a 25% stake in last August.
This […]

Wired: the BitTorrent effect

"You could think of BitTorrent as Napster redux — another rumble in the endless copyright wars. But BitTorrent is something deeper and more subtle. It’s a technology that is changing the landscape of broadcast media.
[…] One example of how the world has already changed: Gary Lerhaupt, a graduate student in computer science at Stanford, became […]

Outcome of Firefox Ad

UsageWatch is monitoring the Firefox download count, hoping to see the impact of the NYT ad. Sadly, after 5 days, he notes that "The NYT ad, and the media coverage that it has elicited, don’t seem to have had any immediate, significant effect on Firefox adoption."
I am not surprised and not sure it was […]

the long tail - the blog, the book…

Read on Joi Ito’s web. Chris Anderson is writing a book about The Long Tail based on one of the best articles that I could read this year in Wired. He has also started a blog about the Long Tail topic and I assume to capture the book writing process. Should be an interesting […]