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More on video search

To follow up on my post on the topic (Google TV) few days ago, CNET has an article today on digital video search on what the major players are up to.
Extract: "Google’s effort, until now secret, is arguably the most ambitious of the three. According to sources familiar with the plan, the search giant is […]

Internet becoming like TV

Yahoo! revives idea of Internet resembling TV in The Seattle Times.
" Yahoo! is quietly but aggressively lobbying Hollywood to create programs to be shown exclusively on its network of Web sites.
People familiar with the discussions say Yahoo! is pressing entertainment-industry producers and talent agents to start pitching new shows and short films that the Internet […]

Skype …

I have been using skype for less than one month now, and I have been more than impressed, evne if the quality of the line in a call to mobile/landlines is sometimes not that good.
Some key Skype stats (based on their web site and an Engadget interview with Niklass Zennstrom, founder of Skype VOIP […]

Next stage of P2P

Downhill Battle is one of the best, most effective group of copyfighters on the net, fast turning into a MoveOn for the P2P wars. They’ve just posted a fundraising campaign to raise a bounty for software authors who extend the "Gaim" encrypted instant messaging protocol to add filesharing to it. Doing so would make it […]

Firefox Marketing Mix

Rebecca Leib breaks down the Mozilla team’s amazing use of online word of mouth marketing to promote the Firefox browser. Read the article on clickz.
via Micro Persuasion.

Google tops customer loyalty brands

"Search engine extraordinaire Google has shot up to No. 1 among consumers in the latest Brand Keys’ Customer Loyalty Leaders survey, overtaking Avis, which held the top spot for the past seven years. Brand Keys adds new brands yearly according to respondents’ unaided mentions in the twice-yearly study, which polls 16,000-plus men and women aged […]

The day has come

Mozilla Firefox 1.0 Released. Get it!
Update: "Today marks a major milestone in the history of the Internet. With the release of Firefox 1.0, the Mozilla Organization has incontrovertibly proven that, given enough time, the open-source development model can, and will, build superior software to that of their commercial competitors." ( See also The Guardian […]

Google TV …

Sergey Brin (one of Google’s co-founders) with other people released (last year apparently) a paper that describes research work to match text news articles to TV news reports. The proposed technology would use the closed caption text feeds to run searches, and the research prooved results to be relevant in 9 out of 10 instances. […]

VoIP investment picks

Forbes is running an article on some building layer players in the VoIP game, good idea for investment.

Why Microsoft is in trouble

Interesting post on on why Microsoft is having trouble.
Among all the reasons mentioned by the author, the key one for me is "Not embracing network centric computing". True enough, Microsoft has often refered their product as services, and I am sure they intend to have their suite of product available as online services at […]

Firefox has 3% of the browser market share

Following my October’s post, here are the latest stats from the browser market.
Microsoft Internet Explorer lost 3% since its decline first began in early June, WebSideStory reported. Internet Explorer dropped to 92.9 percent of the browser market as of end-October 2004,which is a 2.6% drop overall. Firefox, the Mozilla Foundation’s standalone browser, was the biggest […]

Keeping track of notes …

I have been playing for few days with Webnote, a fantastic web-based note tool, and already loves it. Like post-its really, but server based and with the option of sharing them with others and to subscribe to changes (via RSS). Wonderful and very clever. Another step in the direction of the browser based online desktop… […]

New Look of MSN Search

Gary Price give us a sneak preview on MSN search front end, and some of the new features. Otherwise, their new search engine can be tested at, but I have not been impressed.

Search business…

Very good post from Tom Foremski on Silicon Valley Watcher. Google is not about search, it is about a "efficient advertising delivery network".

430,000 people in the World live on their Ebay revenues

Article on Neteconomie (in French), based on an interview with Bill Cobb, SVP at eBay.
via Loic le Meur