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Baidu !

Baidu (BIDU) stock takes 350% on his first day. The Telegraph notes that "If Google were valued on the same basis it would have a market capitalisation of $3.1 trillion rather than its current worth of $82.3bn.". The Chinese bubble is on… (well at least from America). Also, worth a read: a link to […]

Following Ubisoft…

French video games maker Ubisoft Entertainment (chart) surged over 5% percent in Paris trade on a report in L’Agefi that Vivendi Universal may make a white night offer for the company. The report said the companies have held preliminary talks. Electronics Arts bought almost 20 percent of Ubisoft last month, which the French company called […]

Portfolio update

Sold ACS @ $58.11. Bought few CCU @ $33.47.

VoIP investment picks

Forbes is running an article on some building layer players in the VoIP game, good idea for investment.

Debt in America … redux

Sad New York Times article as a follow-up of my last week post on america’s debt.

Let’s be bearish…

Here’s an interesting factoid: a rise of over 55% in the Goldman Sachs Commodity Index has never failed to produce a recession. The index has now risen by over 100% in the past 33 months. Here are the historical occurrences where the index has gained at least 55% over a 30 month period: May 1973, […]

America’s debt …

Everyone - even on this side of the Atlantic - have their eyes on the US election. In the background though the economic picture is not pretty and none of the candidates appear to be speaking about the debt problems the USA are into. Picture below from USA Today (article can be found here) summarizes […]