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RIM: bye

I have always said that RIM’s Blackberry was the equivalent of the Palm’s Pilot. Remenber 1998? Everybody appeared to have a Palm - maybe not using it, but that’s another topic. Like the Palm, Blackbery has created the mobile email and helped to make it popular for a niche market. Now the product is going […]

email vs. IM culture

Good post from zephoria on the usage of IM/email by youth. For the next generation of web users, the real Web 2.0, RSS and email don’t mean anything. Its IM/SMS all the time.

Email replaced by IM/SMS

Fred @ Musings of a VC in NYC refers to a good article on the decline of email usage by the younger generation in Korea, which prefer IM/SMS. "I use email only for receiving cellphone and credit card invoices." says for example 22-year-old office worker Kim in the article.
"The new generation hate agonizing and waiting […]