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Scratch Massive

Like that one very much. I discovered that track on the parisparis site - it is the featured music last November - you can listening on the parisparis site with some funny pictures or get it from Scratch Massive blog. Just catched it as I was trying to see if G and me were featured […]


Rendez-vous magazine has an interview from Joakim from Tigersushi - l’electro classe. Worth a quick read. The picture above has been taken from it. With Drumtrax playing in the background of course (from fluokids).

Eric Prydz Vs Floyd - Proper Education

And the mp3 can be found here: Eric Prydz vs. Pink Floyd - Proper Education (Daft Mix) (Courtesy of Mary Ann)

Mylo live

We started with M1nt, which is a original club / concept bar - the 250 first members are also shareholder and own the place. There was a asmallworld party, and P got us on the list. We then went to see a part of Mylo set at Fabric - it was good to see the […]

Few years back

France Gall - Der Computer Nummer 3
That the way to cut a rug !
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Music this week

> Guttersnipe live at Mix in Moscow in Dec 2005 (direct link to file - 90mb)
> Comite central - Mix mort aux jeunes

Musical discovery of the week

MSTRKRFT ! Listening a lot to their album - the looks - as well as the single below (courtesy of
MSTRKRFT - Community revolution in progress (YSI)
MSTRKRFT - Community revolution in progress (zShare)

itunes and winamp killer ?

Currently testing… Based on Firefox’s engine, Songbird is an open source "web" player/library. Not a Mozilla initiative though. Available for Windows so far, soon OSX and Linux. Interesting initiative, but there is still some work to be done - so far the interface is clumsy and fairly slow. The program is scanning my machijne, […]

Currently listening to … The Rakes

 I had the album for quite some time, on the advice of Gauthier. Just started to listen to it few days ago. Very addictive: Capture/Release from The Rakes is a fantastic album. Very much in the lines of Bloc Party but with a zest of Franz Ferdinand. Difficult to pick my preferred title on the […]

George Bush Singing U2’s Sunday Bloody Sunday

DJ RX’s mashup of George Bush Singing U2’s Sunday Bloody Sunday.
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Video ipod

Another week, another ipod product…  this time it is the video ipod. I hope this will do the same good for video that the original ipod did for music, and that video downloadables are going to become mass market. More on Gizmodo.

Franz Ferdinand #2

So the album is out by now, and the result is not living up to the hype of the past weeks. Their previous - and first - album was a masterpiece with not a bad track. It was a cracking start with simple but effective guitar and drums. Well the follow-up leaves a feeling somewhat […]

iPod nano cost

Business Week breaks down Apple’s costs of the iPod nano: 50% margin.
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Franz Ferdinand

Awaiting for their new album, the Telegraph is running an article on Franz Ferdinand.

Apple new products

Jobs announcing an iTunes-enabled Rokr cell phone (100 songs only) and a new iPod called the iPod nano (2 or 4GB, 14+ grams, 7 millimeters thick). More pictures and stories on Rokr and nano.
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