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Audioscrobbler is now

Audioscrobbler changed their look over the week-end and renamed to My page is here. The site is VERY slow and I hope things will improve.
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Golf GTI ad

Long time I should have posted this, but I love the new VW Golf GTI commercial, where the famous street scene from Singin In The Rain is recreated with a modern twist to the song and dancing. Music is by Mint Royale, and I am looking forward to their new album release on August 15th. […]

Numark’s iPod DJ Mixer

Analysis: Prototype Numark iPod DJ Mixer [CreateDigitalMusic via Engadget]
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Discovered the new coldplay track - speed of sound - while in SF and listening to live 105. Coldplay is back at its best. Looking forward to the new album in early June.

Mixed tape 05 is out

Mixed tape 05, free from Mercedes-Benz.

Currently listening to … Chemical Brothers

Excellent: Push the Button. Chemical Brothers’ site is worth a look as well. The design of it made me think of the Monty Phyton. Prefered track: the boxer.

Maisonneuve review Interpol

Paul winner has a great article on Interpol on Maisonneuve: Interpol: Whither Rock?. Otherwise, the Evil video is available as well online on Matador records site since yesterday.

Currently listening to … Bloc Party

Banquet is quite a good single. Bloc Party is supposed to be one of the new big group in 2005. Their album is due early this year, and I am eagerly waiting for it. Their web site features some free song downloads and you can listen to a session they add on Xfm radio here.
Update: […]

Re iPod

From Cameron O’Reilly
“Okay, so here’s a tip for you iPodders out there - if you find a mysterious iTunes folder on your hdd and it’s got nothing but .tmp files in it, ahem, DON’T DELETE IT.
I keep my music in a special folder on my hard drive, NOT under “My Documents/ My Music” which is […]

Currently listening to … The Killers

Currently enjoying Hot Fuss from The Killers. Some critics says they are in the same vain as The Strokes and Franz Ferdinand, but this is an impression you only get for few songs. Preferred song: Somebody Told Me. (Not worth at this point to visit their website: there is nothing on it).

Where did all the music go?

So piracy is killing the music majors we are told. Right ? Not so easy reports the economist:
"According to an internal study done by one of the majors, between two-thirds and three-quarters of the drop in sales in America had nothing to do with internet piracy. No-one knows how much weight to assign to […]

Robbie on MMC

EMI Music UK has agreed a deal with The Carphone Warehouse which will make Robbie Williams the first artist ever to release an entire album plus video content on a Multimedia Memory Card (MMC) - a tiny stamp size gizmo that slots straight into a mobile phone to deliver music on the move. Some details […]

Cool new U2 ads for iPod

… featuring new U2 single "vertigo". To watch on Apple site.

It is not the illegal copy (well at least not only) …

Very interesting post from Edward on the Freedom to Tinker blog about media usage - leveraging stats from US Census Bureau. "Average number of hours spent listening to music by US residents age 12
and older has declined steadily since 1998 […]. Meanwhile, home video, video games, and
consumer Internet have seen dramatic gains." Since ‘98, there […]

Currently listening to … The Stills

I am currently listening to The stills … Logic Will Break Your Heart. I know, I am (very) late as the album is out since the end of last year. Have a go and listen to it on their site.
Preferred track: Still in love song.