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Nvidia overclocking

When people want additional performance from their machines, they often undertake a procedure called overclocking ‐ so what exactly does this involve? Overclocking is in short the process of increasing the clock speed of a component in your PC. Wikipedia definition here for those wanting to know more. I didn’t know but this is possible […]

Wolfenstein !

Gauthier is still home and after playing Doom few times, we got bored and moved on to Wolfenstein.
The 1992 version (Wolfenstein 3D) was the pioneer of the first-person shooter genre, and recognized by the Computer Gaming World Hall of Fame as helping to shape the overall direction of the computer gaming industry. It is […]

Trying to play with Linux

Rodrigo has a good post on live Linux CD concept.
One of the application is gaming. Imagine: put the CD into the computer, reboot it, and you’re logged into an environment that’s got all sorts of games pre-installed and instantly ready to play? Sounds like a very good idea and a great way to have a […]

Acrobat Reader 7

One of the most annoying thing with Adobe Acrobat Reader is the time the software took to start up. They have finally fixed it with the version 7 which is just out. Impressive.

Re iPod

From Cameron O’Reilly
“Okay, so here’s a tip for you iPodders out there - if you find a mysterious iTunes folder on your hdd and it’s got nothing but .tmp files in it, ahem, DON’T DELETE IT.
I keep my music in a special folder on my hard drive, NOT under “My Documents/ My Music” which is […]

firefox hacking

Post on how to make firefox faster for broadband user as well as recommendation of plugins.

Keeping track of notes …

I have been playing for few days with Webnote, a fantastic web-based note tool, and already loves it. Like post-its really, but server based and with the option of sharing them with others and to subscribe to changes (via RSS). Wonderful and very clever. Another step in the direction of the browser based online desktop… […]

Screen capture

I was looking for a software to do screen capture - or just from a selectable zone -, which would for XP, free, with a good interface. Found it. HandySnap and recommending it.

Desktop search

Last Thursday Google launched Google Desktop Search.
This was a very good news: I was desperate for such a tool, as the number of files and folders on my PC become unmanageable, and as Windows integrated search is sub-standard (to say the least).
Interestingly enough I had by then installed and tested blinkx and Copernic search, and […]