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Sam & Max are back

Remember Sam & Max hit the road, the 93 game from LucasArts ? I loved it back then. Well, they might be back soon as Telltale has entered into an agreement with Sam & Max creator Steve Purcell to reintroduce the popular dog and rabbit team. Details on Adventure Gamers.

Whose Fish?

Coudal is running a game based on brainteaser reportingly from Einstein. Only 2% of people are able to complete it…

Counter Strike meets Banksy

More here.
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Wolfenstein !

Gauthier is still home and after playing Doom few times, we got bored and moved on to Wolfenstein.
The 1992 version (Wolfenstein 3D) was the pioneer of the first-person shooter genre, and recognized by the Computer Gaming World Hall of Fame as helping to shape the overall direction of the computer gaming industry. It is […]

Trying to play with Linux

Rodrigo has a good post on live Linux CD concept.
One of the application is gaming. Imagine: put the CD into the computer, reboot it, and you’re logged into an environment that’s got all sorts of games pre-installed and instantly ready to play? Sounds like a very good idea and a great way to have a […]

Doom !

Gauthier is over for a week and we are spending quite some time playing … Doom, a 1994 game. 10 years thereafter, the game is still great fun, especially playing deathmatchs against eachother. Of course, quality of FPS has improved a lot since then (see far cry or doom3), but some fans have worked on […]